About Us

Snuffling dreams and other weird shit.

Named affectionately after a hellhound that savaged beloved books in an act of petty revenge, Book Snuffler is a tiny independent publishing company. It has ambitions of being something bigger.

But until its owner can give up their day job, or the book pirates hand over the gold, it will be fed on dreams and other weird shit as and when such treats manifest themselves into this reality.

We publish exactly this type of tale: left of centre, half in the shadows, told in the tea leaves, tarot and spiders’ webs. Bold tales the corporate publishing houses won’t touch. Stories that need telling, regardless, and characters that want tell them even if few are listening.

Call it another act of petty revenge: they will be read; they will be spoken; they will not be silenced.

Manuscript submissions

Booksnuffler isn’t currently accepting submissions. Sorry, wish we could, honestly.